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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Moving sale!

That's right! Just a few things worth selling. These are mostly prototypes for products or projects that we have held onto for too long. Now they must go! Also, a few things from our space that we are not going to bring with us...

Tree Stump Table prototypes- unfinished. $30 each These are the same size & material as the ones we sell online here. IMG_0181

Child's chair, made of recycled pressed paper. Recycle it when you're done! $10 IMG_0183

Mini-white board prototype. Great for your kids! $10 There is a piece of clear acrylic in there that is hard to see in the photo. IMG_0185

Squiggily shelf! Prototype. $20 (a little under 5ft tall) IMG_4578

X-mas tree, 10ft tall. Really too tight friction fit together. You figure out how to take apart & move. $20 IMG_5397

These two wall desks. They attach to the wall & fold up. Desk surface is 34" wide x 24" deep. $45 each One is blonde with black accents, one is black with red accents. These are in used quality.We sell these online too here. IMG_5600.JPG

Here they are folded up. IMG_5620.JPG

We are also selling the backers. These are a little over 6ft tall. Some screw holes from mounting the above wall desks. $25 each IMG_5321.JPG

Double doors, insulated with air gap. Door are about 5" thick. Free to a good home. You take down. Hinges not included. No longer has "BWC" on the face. IMG_6186

If you are interested in any of these items, please email us. These items will be available for pick up during the week, after 5:30PM. Weekend pick up is also possible with arrangements. thanx!

Jillian Northrup