Because We Can is an Architecture Design-Build Studio based in Oakland, CA.


We create great buildings, interiors, furniture, and art

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Because We Can was founded in 2006 by Jeffrey McGrew & Jillian Northrup. Over the years, we have built a sound network of employees, collaborators & clients who we work with on a repeat basis. At the core of our approach to design is the belief that drives our success: good design is inclusive; it must harmonize functionality with aesthetics, person with locale. Each new project is an opportunity to create something for the world that is both unique & remarkable within a design that is practical, effective, & competent. 

Our clients are very diverse; large and small, commercial and residential, pragmatic and wildly creative. We work with business owners and individuals alike to create the architecture they are looking for in their space. Collaborating openly, listening closely, and deeply understand our clients goals, we transform environments.


As fully licensed California architects we can meet all your design needs.


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9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The community here in Oakland is fantastic. From just a half mile of where we are right now, I can think of at least a half dozen fabrication shops that we can turn to for help. If we need something, we know exactly who we can go and talk to. And we really believe in the future of Oakland as a manufacturing place and as a place where people can do really interesting things with technology.
— Jeffrey McGrew, Co-founder and Co-owner of Because We Can