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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

More moving stuff...

Hey!Our first round of moving items is going well. Come by this week to get these last items...

There is a prototype "tall" tree stump table. Sold here on our website. We are selling this one for $30 IMG_0203

Wall desks. One blonde with black accents, One Black with red accents. Sold here on our website. We are selling these two for $45 each. IMG_1929_1.jpg

They flip up like this... IMG_5613.JPG

This desk table top. Dark brown, exposed plywood edge. Top only. Yours for $10. Size: 63" x 32" IMG_0211

Child's chair. $10 IMG_0183

3 Peg board sheets - 4' x 8' = $15 IMG_0213

Box of more pegboard hooks than you'll ever need = $15 IMG_0216

Random art supplies- including paper mache, plaster of paris, brass dowels and more! All free. You come to look means you come to take. IMG_0204

1722 15th Street Oakland

Jillian Northrup