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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Big news about the MAKE Show...

So some big fun news to share! We entered into the upcoming "Maker's faire" that Make Magazine is putting on, for we love Make Magazine and figured since it's local, why not try to see if we could get into the show? We're going anyways, we might as well go and show some people some stuff too. So, amazingly, we got picked! We're going to have a table there, and show off stuff we've made, how we make it, and talk all about CNC tools for everyday folks like us. ...but it gets better! Jillian somehow got the Shopbot folks to actually send us a mini-Frank. Apparently Shopbot loves Make Magazine too, and just bought some ad space in the next issue, but wasn't going to be able to send someone to the show. But when Jillian talked to them, and told them we were going to talk about their CNC routers, they decided to ship us out a "tabletop" model Shopbot for the show. We'll put it together there, and then make stuff for folks right on the spot! How cool is that? It will be tons of fun showing people how great these robots are, meeting lots of other folks into making things, making things right there for people, and maybe even selling a lapdesk or bookshelf or something (or two).

This "tabletop" model is about a third the size of ours, and instead of the whole top moving back and forth like ours, this one moves the table back and forth as one of the axises. When Jillian asked Shopbot if this one is any, well, quieter than ours, their response was a "ha ha ha... No."

Now, while we'll be in the 'workshop' part of the show, where other people will also be making things and showing tools off and such, still... between the dust and the noise, let's just say that we're not going to be making any friends within our immediate area... But if you want to drop by, I'll be posting more info as it approaches and we've got a better idea as to where we'll be. Tickets are $12 too, so you should go, for it looks like it will be a ton of fun...

Jeffrey McGrew