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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Frank's new Bucket...

Hey! Lots of updates and news, but to start: Frank got a new Bucket. bucket!

Those yellow arrows show the airflow's path from the cutter into the dust collector.

We were having big problems with the dust collection system clogging right at the end of the hose (that last 3rd arrow). Big chips and 'threads' from the cutting were all jamming up the screen at the entry for the blower, and cutting off any suction. So now we spliced in a bucket into the line, with a screen at it's exit (and a brick in it's bottom to keep it stable) so any big bits would (hopefully) fall into the bucket and stay there, and the lighter dust would continue on into the big white bag on the dust collector itself. So far, so good, except that the bucket does fill up fast, and crawling under there to get it isn't fun...

Jeffrey McGrew