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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Railing time!

The latest piece on our loft project is the upstairs railing.We made the stanchions in-house; cutting the aluminum and wood pieces on frank.

These are the aluminum side pieces. Just off the CNC and ready to be sanded, finished and assembled: IMG_3478

The wood centers. Glued up and ready to be dyed dark brown with our water based dying system: IMG_3480

And the aluminum top piece that will hold the rail itself: IMG_3481

All together, the final railing looks great.


Jeffrey and Sissily discuss their handy work.


A close up of the railing top. IMG_4297

A view from across the room. IMG_4255

The final addition will be a railing on the curved staircase. More progress shots on that coming soon!

Jillian Northrup