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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Prototype Sale!

It's that time again.... time to get rid of these prototypes taking up space in our shop!! First off... the 1/2 scale rolling kiosk! It's a club house? It's a lemonade stand? It's your next tiny project! It stands about 5ft tall. $50 IMG_1851

And it even folds up for safe keeping! IMG_1855

Next, a small sized table. Perfect for those small sized occasions... About 2ft tall - $20 IMG_2399


Finally, a tiny table, with flip up sides! About 14" tall - $15 IMG_0964

How very interesting... they flip up! IMG_0966

Local sales only, must pick up from our shop location. Because We Can 2500 Kirkham St Oakland, CA 94607 Email us for pick up times

Jillian Northrup