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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Prototype Sale!

The first ever BWC prototype sale!Happening now until Sept 10th

We often make half scale and full scale prototypes for client work and product ideas. We are now a little over packed with them, and need to move some along to make room for more!

So we are selling these little, and not so little items for cheap. Come check 'em out! You must come pick up at our studio.

Email us to schedule a time to come by!

Custom heigh squirrel table prototype (21" tall x 12" wide) $5 IMG_7762

X-mas tree sample. (32" tall x 18" wide) $5 IMG_7761

1/2 scale bar prototype. Kids sized! ; ) (4ft long, 21" tall) $15 IMG_4806

Cocktail table sized - 3 count in different styles (21" tall x 17" wide top) $10 (or $20 for all three!) IMG_6378

Conference table 1/2 scale prototype (15" tall x 30" long) $10 IMG_6385

LED table- The Wave- full size prototype with aesthetic issues. Perfectly stable and useable. Fits LED boards from EMS... but DOES NOT COME WITH LED BOARDS. (4ft long x 26" wide) $50 IMG_6454.JPG

LED table - The Pulse - full size table, does not fit EMS LED boards!! But does have the ability to put lights under the top easily with cord slot. Minor aesthetic issues. (4ft long x 25.5" wide) $50 IMG_5867

Jillian Northrup