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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Eat Food Talk Shop - Second Thursday of the month!

We're starting a new mini-event called "Eat Food Talk Shop". After the first one, everyone thought that second Thursdays worked better than a Friday. And, lo and behold, it's the second Thursday tomorrow, Sept. 11th!

It's kinda like a Dorkbot / Meetup / Mini-Maker Day / Pecha Kucha but with BBQ & beer and a little more fabrication-focused.

Bring something to share and something to show off (or at least some ideas or questions to talk about).

Bring your friends too!

We'll have some food and beer and cool stuff to show off and music to help get things started.

In time it's going to be a roving party, so that each month it's at someone else's shop.

We all get to see neat stuff and learn something new!

It starts around 6 PM, wraps up around 10 PM, but come whenever to 1722 15th Street, Suite C, Oakland CA 94607. Walk through the gate with the big wooden robot-cutout, and we're down a bit and on the left. Huge roll-up door and '67 Dodge van. Can't miss us.

There's parking, a (new) grill (yay!), and old grill, a big fridge, a big robot, and plenty of room. We don't have a video projector or forklift (yet) so if you need one to show off what you brought then you'll need to bring your own.

We hope you can make it!

Jeffrey McGrew