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Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center


Visalia, CA / 2017-2018 (in progress)


Because We Can  ✦  Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture Design

We were initially brought onto this project to do just the interior design & furniture design. After working with the school for a few months they asked us if we could take on the Architecture as well. Once the client realized our capabilities with Architecture, Interiors and Fabrication, we all agreed that it would be best if we lead the whole project.
— Because We Can


Located in the valley of southern California this vibrant growing Charter School is growing out of its historic schoolhouse home. They contacted us to expand their one building into four, and create an interior aesthetic that helps celebrate and promote their mission. We are working remotely, sharing ideas drawings and architectural plans. Meeting periodically onsite we are able to keep coordinated with the schools desires both aesthetically and functionally. This project will be completed in 2018.