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Autodesk, INC


San Francisco, CA / 2016


Because We Can  ✦  Interior Design, Furniture Design, Interactive Space Use Concepts 

We were brought in to conceptualize and explore the ideas around building a “cultural rallying point” in an unused corner of Autodesk’s offices. Designed for new styles of communication and collaboration, the concept included many interactive and self-directing elements, with the idea that the space would be reconfigured following a set of rules by it’s users every few months.
— Because We Can


Like most large companies, Autodesk is always looking for ways to engage internal staff within a context of their product. The idea here was to create a multi functional space that would act as an internal cafe & casual meeting point, but have more going on that just a passive space. We played with ideas around RFID tags and QR codes to mark items that were created with their products by staff. Concepts around voting, "up liking", and other internal contests that would be based on internal teams, departments or groups. The space would then be reconfigured ever quarter, or twice a year, to keep people engaged. This meant we had to not only create the concepts around how people would interact with the space, but also create a 'kit of parts' that the space is created from that would be easy to redesign, disassemble and reassemble by internal designers and the facilities staff.