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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Just a reminder to check out our new sister company that's all about designer sustainable and configurable furniture,

Really excited about the products now on sale at our new sister company Model No.


It’s amazing, these products are not only stunningly gorgeous, but since they are made from bio-resins derived from food waste combined with FSC-certified hardwood they are fully sustainable. While you could just compost the whole table when you don’t need it anymore, they also have a recycling program that will take the table back, re-use some parts, and recycle others for you. And I mean real recycling, as in use it to make more tables, and not have it just wind up in a almost-landfill somewhere waiting to be actually recycled (which is sadly the fate of much plastic these days).

Also totally in love with how you can custom configure whatever you’d like. While there are easy to buy preset options, I adore playing around with all the shapes and colors to get just what I’m looking for.

Really proud of what this team has been able to put together, with a lot more awesome stuff on the way as well that I can’t talk about yet!

Check it out over at