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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Come see Jeffrey talk about automation in the building industry at Autodesk University 2017!

Honored to be included in this wonderful and broad event. Autodesk University is the conference for all things Autodesk, which means it's THE conference for most 3D and CAD related things you can think of.

I've been invited to give a talk on a topic that's dear to my heart, and one we've spent the last decade working with, and that's applied automation in the building industry.

It's called 'Talking with Robots about Architecture' and it's a more detailed, deeper, technical version of the talk I gave at The Interval a year or so ago.

I'll be presenting our ideas on how to think about automation when applying it to your job and business, where things are with automation in AEC, general approaches to take when automating things, and how to make yourself somewhat future-proof so you won't get automated out of a job yourself. With lots of case studies and real-world examples both from our business and the industry, I'm excited to be offering up what I hope is the best talk I've given yet on this subject.

So I'd love to see you at Autodesk University on Thursday!

Jeffrey McGrew