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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Throw back to 2006!

Today's Throw Back Friday goes way back! Almost 10 years ago we were working on this office remodel for Three Rings Design. It was such a fun, creative project with a wonderful team of designers to collaborate with. We had a such fun working with you guys! And together we created a really magnificent space that the staff loved to work in, and we loved to visit.

10 years later we are thinking of you! "The Nautilus" space will live on in our memories and, of course, these photos!

Each desk with a different design- we made a template so each designer was able to draw their own desk! IMG_5890.JPG

A bar to fit a fictional submarine- complete with kegerator and bubbling sides... IMG_6239.JPG

Tentacle attack(!!) room for game demos & play. IMG_6256.JPG

Underwater carved archway scenes. IMG_9390.JPG

Robot roll-up door in the secret room.... IMG_1078.JPG

And of course, a parlor..... for more sophisticated meetings. IMG_6216.JPG

You can see our full portfolio page on this project here.

Jillian Northrup