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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

The Port Co-Working new Location

We are very excited about 2016 and some of our great projects that will open this new year!For much of 2015 we helped The Port WorkingSpaces open a new and ambitious project in Oakland by Lake Merritt.

The roof deck and 3rd floor co-working space there has been open for months. The other two exciting spaces will open soon in 2016! IMG_0159

We have been working hard to get those two final spaces done so we can show them off, as they are looking really great!

Meanwhile, here are some images of the completed 3rd Floor and roof deck comprising of co-working spaces with large communal tables, meeting rooms, lounges and event areas both indoor and out.

When you enter the 3rd floor and walk through the large double doors, you are greeted by this really cool space. Once a large restaurant, we kept all the original molding and wood details wood, just updating the paint, carpet and lighting. IMG_0143

Some of the furniture we sourced, and the rest of it we designed made to have the perfect aesthetic and functionality for the space, like these large walnut tables on rolling legs. IMG_9896

Big tube steel legs add a cool aesthetic and make for a very sturdy table on locking casters. IMG_9900

Some of the rolling tables were done in half rounds that can be joined together to add more diversity to the seating options. IMG_9902

For the indoor event areas of the 3rd floor we designed and made these hard wood Machiche tables. IMG_0142

The lounge area by the indoor event space we designed with these long, low bench seats. IMG_0141

Then finally, as you enter onto the roof deck you see that much of it has been covered in thick, soft astroturf with modular sofa seating. IMG_0147

We even got a Tiki Bar up there! With awesome hanging personal hammocks that add fun color and flair. IMG_0152

Go check out the space for yourself! The roof garden, event spaces, meeting rooms and co-working spaces are available for bookings, so you'll probably get invited to a party there shortly if you don't book one yourself!

Jillian Northrup