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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Because We Can Christmas Trees!

We've been busy little elves at the shop this week! Buckling down on the in-house office and shop renovation, not to mention decorating for the holidays. It's time to pull out the old BWC Christmas trees!
IMG_8731 IMG_8732 IMG_8730
When we released these trees back in 2008, we were a much smaller company. Nowadays, we keep plenty busy with our Architectural and Interiors projects, and don't sell the trees anymore. Of course we kept a few though, and bring them back out every year for the holidays.
IMG_0023_a.jpg IMG_8021
We love experimenting with different materials. Here's one in acrylic that sits in our front window that I took a picture of just this morning, and one made of felt that, while deconstructed, does a fine job of garnishing the office fruit bowl.
IMG_9071 IMG_9089
We like to think our designs through pragmatically as well as aesthetically. So of course these trees break down into small convenient to store little packages. Wonderfully compact!
IMG_8689 IMG_8694
Some people who bought trees sent us photos of what they did with them. Some of the ideas are really fun!
This person went classic, painting their tree green and adding red and gold baubles, and this person painted theirs fun colors and threaded EL wire around the edges!

IMG_5681 IMG_5110
Here's a shop in LA that uses our tree in their window display, and one all lit up with Christmas cheer!
IMG_4729.JPG IMG_2892
And here's a little bonus video, Jillian assembling and disassembling the big tree, to show how it's done:

Happy Holidays!

Jeffrey McGrew