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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

In production for the Hattiesburg Zoo

We are in full production right now for a project that finished design phase last fall. Our design of the Galapagos Tortoise enclosure and adjoining "Discovery" Area for the Hattiesburg Zoo in Mississippi is coming to life! Here Joel, from the BWC fabrication shop, puts together the final pieces for the exterior interactive gear wall. IMG_5872

For scale, BWC Designer Be stands next to the main attraction of the exterior interactive gear wall. The whole thing will be painted and then final assembly and rotation testing will take place before it is shipped out. IMG_5885

More gears for an interior interactive wall that will be in the main event space. IMG_5964

This rendering of the exterior hallways of the zoo building shows the design for the window frames and arches that span the walkway. 005 copy

Here is the design for the window frames and spanning arches for the inside of the main events room. 001_copy

The final exterior arch. Each arch has a center medallion that is specific to that arch. IMG_4721

The medallions are all different animals set on a gear scene. IMG_4643

The final assembly will happen onsite, with stainless hardware and slotting made for the various widths of the walkway. IMG_4716

The window and door frames are also made of durable exterior materials. The stainless hardware of the arches matches the stainless details and hardware on the window and door frames. Pictured here is the smallest window frame, fully assembled. IMG_5439

The decorative carving details added to the brackets once again define our company, which I guess we could have named 'Why not', but settled instead on 'Because We Can'. IMG_5442

Jillian Northrup