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Yo Ho Ho, A Pirate Ship for Me!

We are working on a very fun office interior renovation for an independent game studio in New York. At the end of last year we were heavy in design phase... doing things like this:


....and now we are heavy in fabricating pirate ships!


Working closely with this small office, we created a new look for their office of many rooms. This big fabrication run is for one of their larger rooms where everyone sits, which we are turning into a nautical paradise. The photo above is a prototype for ships that will straddle cube walls and provide shade against noon day glaring sun.

Here is our original concept drawing...

C:\Users\Jillian Northrup\Documents\Project1.pdf

The larger ships are part of a set of screens for and undefined hallway to give it some privacy and interest.

C:\Users\Jillian Northrup\Documents\DeskScreens.pdf

There are stacks and stacks of ships!


And don't forget... waves for the ships. Or they won't get anywhere!

Jillian Northrup