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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Bloom inspired Light Shades

For a loft renovation project in downtown San Francisco, we designed light shades inspired by blooming flowers. IMG_0618

Lots of other things are happening in this project, but for now I am just showing off the light shades. They came out really nicely and make a big difference already to the space!


Large frosted bulbs allow us to have the bottom of the shade exposed, and show off the details inside. When you look up at the shade you can see the aluminum plates that suspend above. The patterns cut into the plates throw fun shadows onto the ceiling.


Of course, the different patterns throw different shadows above.


We had a fun time designing these. Not one shade is alike, as the overlapping frosted panels fall in a different orientation on each. The patterned aluminum is unique on each as well. More to come on this project as it progresses!


Jillian Northrup