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BWC Intern Project, Robot Head

Well, summer is ending and with that our summer interns are leaving us to go continue their educations. But while they were hear we all had a good time, and they may have even learned something! We like to give out interns a project that they get to take all they way from design to fabrication using our in house process. They start out creating a design how ever they want to (paper or software), and then dive into our software flow. We use REVIT to make just about everything, so we make them do that too. Much of the time is spent learning the software, but what better way to do that than with a project!

After the design is done in REVIT, we show them how to take their designs into the CAM software (Aspire) and fabricate it on the CNC machine (Frank!).

Beatrice, one of our summer interns, was given the task to make a card holder for our front door. We have a few promotional pieces that we wanted easily accessible near the front. She had to take measurements, look at available materials and come up with a design that everyone agreed on.


We asked Beatrice what she learned though the process, and here is what she said: "My goal was to design a card holder that will draw interest and prompt people to take the cards. I also thought it would be nice to make an addition to the robot collection in the BWC office. I sketched on paper and modeled the card holder mixing Revit and Illustrator. Then Frank the CNC router cut out the wood, and I assembled the pieces by hand at the shop. Being in charge of the design and assembly steps was a great hands-on lesson on the digital fabrication process."


Thanx Beatrice! We love your head!


Jillian Northrup