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Couch Design for Techshop

A couple months ago we were brought in by Techshop, SF to be guest designers for one of their corporate events. We took a day to brainstorm with the clients for a couch and a side table design. During that session we drew on paper, white baords and modeled designs in Revit. By the end of the day we had a design that everyone was excited about. Palm/Techshop Couch-4

We focused on making the design one that reflected the CNC fabrication style that it was going to be made in. By using a high grade "EuroPly" and aluminum sheet we were able to do a staked design with an exposed edge to get our curved shapes. In the middle of the stack is a layer of aluminum to add strength and interest, and to use more of the TechShop machines!

Palm/Techshop Couch-1

The wood was all CNC router cut, the aluminum was waterjet cut and the brackets and feet were waterjet cut and welded.

Palm/Techshop Couch-2

Palm/Techshop Couch-3

It was a successful fun day for the corporate team, and in the end they got to keep the couch for their office. So cool!

Palm/Techshop Couch-5

Jillian Northrup