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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Neon and Stone Signage

Our good friends over at Envie Interactive have created an amazing interactive environment that you can (and should!) go play in online. It's called VIE, and it is free to play! But they came to us to for help creating an environment for themselves in this world.

Distressed Patina Aluminum letters with a nice back shadow display their company name when you first walk through the doors.


And to accompany the signage, a glowing 'V' in the shape of their logo. The 'V' encases an LED flexible tube light that mimics neon, but never gets hot and uses hardly any power. We love that!


It is a dramatic symbol that is seen from the font door in its glowing majesty.


Cryptic slabs of stone with 'ancient' secret messages were created to be found in the game.... and in reality!


It's now as cool a place to work as it is online!

Jillian Northrup