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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

The Serpent Twins

We have joined up with our friends John and Kyrsten over at Form & Reform to design and build a fun project for Burning Man!1draft_nightfronts

The project has just launched its kickstater page. So please donate to the cause!

John and Kyrsten over at Form and Reform, have created magical pieces out of metal like the Golden Mean Snail Car, and the Zeppelini. Now we are working with them to turn these metal barrels into a Deco Nordic God creature called.... The Serpent Twins.


The front will be powered by these little electric cars...


And the barrels will be filled inside with programable LEDs. One of the serpents will be all dark metal with a "fire" light show on the inside. The other will be white barrels with a more etherial colorful light show.


You can read more about the evolution of the project on the Form and Reform site. And dont forget to donate!


Jillian Northrup