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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

We use only Waterborne finish

We've used waterborne finish on all of our products for years. It is easy clean up, and way less toxic to humans and the environment than traditional oil finishes. We used off-the-shelf brands when we were first starting out, but once we discovered Target Coatings we looked no further. Mostly we use their waterborne laquer finish. It is incredibly durable, and very pretty! The super low VOC of these products means no off-gassing for our clients. Our clients tend to like that!


The emissions chart on their products is way below what california requires (which is a good thing). California being one of the stricter states on the emissions laws, that is really saying something.

They've used our images a couple times on their website and newsletter to promote their products, most recently using images from a conference table we made for Penny Arcade


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They recently gave us a shout out, so we're giving one back! You can buy different quantities and have them shipped. Being water-borne also means it's not flammable. Hooray!

Jillian Northrup