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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Baby door and other room accents

We recently finished up some additions to this little room in San Francisco.Shelves to the ceiling with a built in desk, and now with a built in baby door!



This baby door has a shelf on top, and an adorable little door for the little tyke.


Serving its purpose to keep your little one in the room, and doing it in a stylish manner.


No end of fun with peek-a-boo games!


The little door opens up a grand adventure! IMG_3395

For dining time and crafts, we made this table with a sturdy butcher block top and decorative legs. The fun chairs have a Lincoln head and a deer head carved in the backs.


We also helped reconfigure this stage backer we made for their wedding to work on the wall...


But the little door seems to be the biggest hit with the smallest man of the house! IMG_3404

Jillian Northrup