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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Tiki Themed Office

Recently we were brought in by to help set up and brand their office interior. We were excited when we saw their mascot is a cartoon "Tiki" man with text books on his spear! We proceeded to make them a Tiki reception desk, with books on spears of course...



The reception desk is a typical two-level design, with a hardwood bar top surface, with thatch and bamboo detailing. The desk is complete with enormous bamboo foot rail and natural rope lashing!



For individual desks in this office, we helped keep an open office configuration, by creating desks that have these cool daisy-chaining power units in the underside. This allows the desks to be in free form rows up to 8 desks away from a wall mounted power source. You can even 'hot swap' them from place to place!


The desks have a nice ergonomic curve to them, adjustable sit/stand height legs, cord management holes on the top, and cord management trays underneath.


To keep with the Tiki theme, we also created 'tiki' rolling white / pin-up boards.


The rolling white boards preform double duty as privacy and sound barriers in the open floor plan. This works great with the flexible power desks in that they can reorganize their teams quickly at will.


Vinyl decals decorate all the interior windows, carrying the fun Tiki theme throughout the office. It also adds more privacy and division to the windowed meeting rooms and offices.


Jillian Northrup