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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Jeffrey McGrew is now a California Licensed Architect

We're proud to announce that Jeffrey (finally) got his paper from the state. While I passed my final Oral Exams a while ago, the paperwork took a bit (as always).

So say hello to Architect Number 32623 (a palindrome! Awesome!).

This is a big deal to me, for you're not allowed to call yourself an Architect and have anything to do with the building industry unless you're licensed. You're also not allowed to do anything other than houses, some interiors, and furniture, for you can't stamp the drawings for permits.

You may have cleverly noticed that those three things I just mentioned are the majority of what our company does. Now you know why! With this licence, we're hoping it will open us up to a whole new market (and not just new lawsuits! ;-) )

The California licence is the hardest to get, covers the most ground, and transfers to other states more than any other. I hear rumor that they are changing the Orals into a written test or something, so I'll also get proper bragging rights that I had to do it 'the hard way back in my day'.

Jeffrey McGrew