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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Tiki white boards!

One of the best things about working for Because We Can is that we get to meet great people at great companies all the time.Most recently, we have been introduced to the wonderful company Bookrenter, who rents books to college students, saving them tons of money. What a great idea!

Their website has a Tiki / tropical paradise / Polynesian Pop theme to it. So in helping them out with their office, we thought we should carry that theme through.

Thus, the birth of the Tiki white board.... A staple in every Tiki themed office!


A white board on one side, and a pin board and sound wall on the other. Covered in a fun decorative thatch, on red and white locking swivel wheels.


The base of the Rolling white board is at an angle such that one can arrange these in any number of configurations up to a 90 degree turn. And the tray for markers and erasers is functional, and filled with cool wood joinery details.


The thatch on either side is sprayed with a non-toxic fire retardant, to help prevent the wrath of the Fire Marshal gods...


These can be used as partitions between desks, or just as rolling white boards within the office.


This is the first round of Tiki-themed elements, there is much more to come!

Jillian Northrup