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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Shopbot Jamboree, North Carolina

Last weekend we were in North Carolina visiting the birth place of Frank, also known as the Shopbot Headquarters.We went to give a talk at their yearly Jamboree, which is basically a small Shopbot conference.


And it was really great! They do satellite Jamborees across the country, so look out for the next one. There were lots of great talks, great tips and interesting people. And lots of Shopbot demonstrations. Our talk was on marketing and how to reach out to potential customers. There is a quick post of the talk here And, the photo below is the new Tyro cutting away. This is their new table top CNC that is not for sale yet, but coming very soon.


We were also treated to an afternoon in the Shopbot manufacturing warehouse, where we got to ogle all the blue powder coated parts. IMG_0283

Not to mention this new machine set up where they have turned the gantry 90 degrees, now spanning over 8ft and allowing your machine bed to be open on the longer axis. Pretty cool. IMG_0287

Note worthy: While we were in the North Carolina Raleigh / Durham area, we went to the new Art Museum, which has just had a major addition and renovation done. It is very cool and worth seeing. IMG_0268

And we got some BBQ. Also, very worth doing in NC.

Jillian Northrup