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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Trade Show booth for Unity Technologies at GDC 2010

There is only one more day left of the 2010 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.If you get the chance to go, check out the booth we made for Unity Technologies. It's hard to miss them on the trade show floor, as they are front and center!

And their booth looks a little differently from everyone else's. Instead of the hard plastic and pop-up look of the booths around it, we made them a booth with inviting wooden furniture and a dramatic feel. It's all sustainable materials too!

The main elements included: A big big wall with Unity Logos and Flat screens IMG_0083

A podium IMG_0110

A Standing Reception Desk IMG_0129

A Triangular counter table for 3 iMacs IMG_0112

A station for 4 iphones IMG_0092

Two Long Counter tables for demo stations IMG_0136

Six cabinets with signage for their affiliates (shown here standing back to back) IMG_0126

Thirteen little stools IMG_0138

And a lounge area! IMG_0127

Jillian Northrup