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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Bar Design - Showdown Saloon

We recently worked on a San Francisco bar design, helping them with interior design consultation and furniture design and fabrication. And it is now open!Check out ShowDown Saloon on 6th and Market.

When we first saw the bar it looked like this: IMG_7012

Now it is open for business again... and looks like this! IMG_9023

It is much brighter and more inviting now with the addition of some paint and mirrors. Sections of the walls were given a fun wall paper, and in this back corner we added some long upholstered bench seats and cocktail tables.


The seats have a decorative pattern along the bottom...


And the tables have a multi colored resin float top, showing off designs and text...


We made a few other elements for the bar, such as table tops, drawer fronts and decorative molding. It's a cute little bar, and was a fun project!

Jillian Northrup