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Final music playlist for Design Slam 2009!

So we're honored to be in this year's Design Slam at Autodesk University. We've already won just by being included. But it would be nice to beat HOK and Burt Hill! ;-) Anyways, I can't share anything about our entry prior, and sure will be posting about it after, but in the mean time wish us luck and enjoy the final playlist.

We can plug into music to help us focus and work better. I really use music a lot when I work, so this was a natural for me! I did consider just putting on some Gamelan music, which I just adore, but figured I needed something more rocking to overcome the techno they pump on stage.

So here's the (approximate) 20 minute playlist: 1. "Sound System" by Operation Ivy. Two things. We're Oaklanders. East Bay. Wanted to Represent. Second, this song is terribly uplifting, and I'll need that to calm my nerves and have fun. 2. "It's a Rainy Day Sunshine Girl" by Faust. We were supposed to have French themes in the competition. We wound up with German ProgRock. Sigh. We're doomed. But it's a driving song. I love drone-y music to work to. Probably should have picked something by Stereolab instead. 3. "This Magnificent Bird Will Rise" by Deerhoof. Another local. The combination of noise, exuberance, art, and well, plain rocking in this track always gives me chills. 4. "Hey! Mashed Potato, Hey!" by the 5,6,7,8's. OK, guilty pleasure. I've been working out to this song a lot lately, and figured it would keep me going through the 'hump' of the middle. 5. "Kingdom Farts" by MC Chris. Yeah. Nerdcore. A rap song about how awesome he is at and how much he loves Video Games. I figured this would be a good finale, very fitting for the activity at hand, and well, I just love this song! Even though I love MC Frontalot more overall...

Jeffrey McGrew