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Glass and wood white boards

Beautiful glass and wood white boards for Wikimedia's new office space... IMG_8981

A thick piece of acrylic is sandwiched by two pieces of clear glass and held together with sustainably harvested american maple.


The white boards stand 6 1/2 feet tall and have a 5 foot by 6 foot area of writable surface on two sides.

L:\BWC Bucket\projects\Wikimedia\PDFs\WhiteBoard_Shops.pdf

The large handles on the sides are great for pulling the boards around on their locking caster wheels.


Beautifully designed details make the boards a pleasure to look at when you are not reading the important notes written on the surface.


And because of the acrylic and glass surface, light is able to travel through the boards, creating a diffused light source, instead of a light block.


A must for any large office!

Jillian Northrup