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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

October EatFoodTalkShop tonight! Open House and Product Mayhem!

Hey there! It's that time again for the Because We Can open house! Whoohoo! We've been busy since the last one, and we have lots of stuff to show off. But the most fun will be going through all our product prototypes that didnt work out!

We'll have a pile of stuff to see and a pile of stuff to buy! Think: Ray Guns, Trees & Robots.

So come on by, bring a friend, bring a project, buy a mustache, carve a pumpkin!

Yes- we will be having a pumpkin carving table. Why? Cause carving pumpkins is awesome. That's why. Bring a pumpkin, leave a pumpkin, take a pumpkin, carve a pumpkin. Im not sure what that means. But it'll be awesome!

6:30PM - 10PM at the Because We Can Studio.

Ponoko will be having an open house as well, and showing off some of their samples.

Check out the photos from last time here from Magnolia booth Co!:

Eat Food Talk Shop 6:30PM - 10PM Oct 8th

BBQ, beer, networking and inspiration. BYOB and stuff!

at the Because We Can Studio 1722 15th Street Oakland CA 94607

Questions? Lost? Just want to talk? We miss you! Why dont you call???!!! 510-922-8846

Jeffrey McGrew