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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Bar Interior design

A new bar is opening in San Francisco, and we are there to help! Working with the owners of Showdown Saloon we have come up with some really fun designs.

We created three long upholstered bench seats that double as additional storage for the small SF bar.


Each seat has a different design into the base, and reads a quote along the top.


The bottom of the seat has two doors that swing outward and reveal the inner case for storage.


We also just finished up these cocktail tables. A cute design with a double resin pour on the surface.


After darkening the wood, we did a clear resin pour for the table surface. The clear resin dried, and we put the table top back under the CNC machine and carved out designs into the resin.


Another colored resin pour ontop of that created this beautiful "floating" look to the designs.


Three of the tables were done with a gold on black, and one with this black on light blue:


Both the black and blue color on the wood surface allows the wood grain to show though. The wood grain along with the intricate details of the design create a striking look, yet durable enough for a bar setting.


We're helping them out with some interior design as well. The project is almost complete. Showdown Saloon to open soon!

Jillian Northrup