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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Hi-Fructose and San Jose Museum of Art Surreal Night! Tonight!

An amazing show put on by two amazing institutions: San Jose Museum of Art and Hi-Fructose! If you dont already know about Hi-Fructose!, get a subscription to that inspiring art mag right now! Then and only then will your reading material be complete. This is a magazine that you do not throw away. We've kept every book-quality issue since it's release. And it just keeps getting better.

San Jose Museum of Art is a gem of south bay & if you have vet to visit it is definitely worth the trip. They are a museum of modern art and showcase lots of up and coming artists, many of them local. They've recently exhibited the AWESOME show on robot art (cant believe we like that one, eh?) as well as full show on Camille Rose Garcia (which was also awesome!).

They are having a show tonight brought to you by Hi-Fructose called TODD SCHORR: SURREAL NIGHT There will be a talk at 6:30, and Todd Schorr will be signing books. If you cant make it that early, come late! The event goes until 10PM and there is always a bar.

See you there!

SJMA 110 South Market Street San Jose, CA 95113 408-271-6840

Jillian Northrup