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Goings on at the Because We Cannery


We are in NYC this weekend so we went to see the old World's Faire grounds in Flushing Meadows.What do they have there you ask? Oh, not much. Just a twelve story tall globe made of stainless steel for the '64 worlds faire called the "UNISPHERE". THAT'S ALL!!!



According to Wikipedia, it is also known as the Globitron. Which we think is totally awesome. We are now fantasizing about making an enormous sculpture and calling it THE GIGANTOR!


The fountain that surounds the globe is empty, and is very shallow, so we could walk right up to the base. This place is usually filled with skate boarding kids, using the smooth fountain bottom as their playground.


We we able to look right up through the base into the center of the earth. It was inspiring as all hell.


You should go if you've never seen it! Take the subway out to Flushing Meadows and then just walk toward the Sphere. You can see it from the train! And then you can go to the Queens Museum of Art

And not only will you get to experience a very cool museum, you'll get to see this:


A scaled model of NYC and the surrounding boroughs. This was also made for the '64 world's faire and is still being kept up to date! They have an exhibition going on now that shows how many foreclosures have happened in the boroughs by marking them with a pink flag. eeek! And worth checking out.



Jillian Northrup