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Trip to Falling Water

Look! It's me at Falling Water!


The famous Frank Lloyd Wright building in Western Pennsylvania is definitely worth the trip.
Built in 1936-1939, the amount that it has been talked about is well deserved!
It was a very modern and innovative building for its time. And it is inspiring, as all of Wright's fully intact buildings are, from outside to inside.
He thought a lot about the experience one would have with the building, so every last detail is thought out, almost every light fixture and furniture piece custom made.
You can see why we like it!


Entering the building you are taken through a small dark hallway, then the room opens up dramatically as you enter into the expansive main room with beautiful views.
Though Wright was known to go to extremes with his ideas at times (like refusing to put screens in the windows because it would interfere with the view), over all the building is a wonderful experience. It is filled with choreography at every turn, from little dark nooks to grand vista views through corner windows..


We dont have photos of the inside as only exterior photos were allowed.... and only from certain designated areas!
But the tour is well worth doing, and the center that manages the house does a wonderful job. And makes great signs like this one around the preserve...


If you're ever in the area, or even if you are out of the area.... its worth the trip.

Jillian Northrup