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Looking for a good Revit-enabled structural engineer doing smaller projects...

We've been helping out a local Oakland-based developer with some housing projects, and run into a small snag.

We're all over the BIM thing. From waaaay back. We even feed our BIM models to our CNC router, and directly produce the project from the BIM models.

So it's somewhat ironic that we're having a heck of a time finding a local Revit-using Structural Engineer who does smaller projects like houses and small-ish multi-family buildings.

We'd love to be swapping whole models, and doing the full BIM and IDP style workflow. But the only people I know doing that sort of thing are too big for projects like this. That's what I get for working for Gensler, I only know other BIM people doing big things!

Anyways, if you know of, or are, a Bay Area based Structural Engineer who's Revit-savvy (or looking to be, we could even help on that front if the fee is lowered some) who does single-family hillside homes and multi-family projects, boy, would we love to talk to you!

Jeffrey McGrew