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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Cute Furniture

We make prototypes of our new designs before we crank out the final versions.
Usually we make a 1/2 scale version.

We've been making a lot of custom tables lately, and the 1/2 scale prototypes are SO CUTE!
I just can't help but cooing over them....



Awwww.... it's so cute!

This little guy is going to be a coffee table.


Making the prototype doesnt take that much time, since we are already making 3D models of our designs.
We simply scale the vectors down 50% , then send them to the CNC (ShopBot).
It's much faster than dealing with potential issues on the final- let me tell you!

Though, it makes us want to get into kids furniture...


This one is going to be a 4ft x 5ft conference table.
Conference tables for kids?!?

Jillian Northrup