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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

BWC- looking for presenters & speakers

Hey there! Because We Can is looking for interesting people to do a short talk / presentation at our Monthly EatFoodTalkShop event.*

Are you working on some cool new project? Do you make really awesome pot holders with revolutionary knitting techniques? Can you pinstripe like Big Daddy Roth? Are you building a robot that will soon take over the world.... God help us all?

And... most importantly... can you sum it up in 15 minutes?

We'll provide everything you need to make your talk work... including the soap box. You provide the interesting content.

Are you game?

Please email us if you are. We want to hear all about it.

*EatFoodTalkShop is held at the BWC headquarters in West Oakland every 2nd Thursday of the month. 6:30 - 9:30 PM BBQ & Beer & Bring some to share.

Jillian Northrup