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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Some new stuff up on the site!

Whew! Have we been busy lately. Too busy to blog much, and too busy to post what we've been up to!

This is only some of what we've been doing lately, with a whole lot more on the way:

Cryptic Studios

We did an office space for Cryptic Studios recently that we're happy with. They had to go with cubes (sadly). So after doing some space plans for them we proposed that they go with the lowest cube wall they could, and have us produce these 'cube toppers' to make little 'cities' out of the various workgroups. And, being a game design company, those cities had to be Cities of the Future. God it was fun drawing these up. Each city skyline is different, with little visual treats snuck in here and there. Toronto got biodomes, Sydney got Mecha, and Frisco got a Laser-welding kraken attack! More photos here.

Sparkplay Media

We did an office space for Sparkplay Media. This one was a lot of fun too, for they are located in a wonderful building in North Beach. The propsed theme is 'world explorer's lounge' and as such we were able to do some great stuff within that. Secret doors, nice bar, fun props, and some decorative elements really helped round out the space planning we did. More photos here.

LCD Flatscreens

Another fun one that happened recently was a small job with a fun twist. For a trade show display, a client needed some flatscreens to display video, but wanted them to fit better with their 'eco-glam' look. Sustainable walnut and steampunk details to the rescue! More photos here.

And that's just a taste, we've been super busy with some much larger things that we're hoping to show off this summer! Just a quick reminder too, if you're signed up for my personal RSS feed, you might want to point that reader over to this link instead. That's the RSS feed for both Jillian and I, so that you don't miss out on all the stuff we've been posting!

Jeffrey McGrew