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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Back from AU2008!


We're back! AU2008 was a blast, if not a lot of work. But it's always great meeting lots of new people, sharing how we do what we do with others, and all in all learning and networking like crazy.


Our classes went well, with lots of folks really liking them. We did one on Revit to CNC, and another on Mental Ray in Revit. You can see them on the AU2008 website if you log in and went to AU. I think they will be posted eventually publicly, it looks like they are slowly getting all the classes up there.

One thing we love about Vegas is the interior design. With the limitations of the real world removed, people make some pretty amazing looking restaurants and clubs. One of our favorites we saw this time were the Parasol bar in the Wynn, with it's huge hanging lanterns that subtly rotated and raised and lowered, adding to the fantastical feeling of the whole space.


We also got to see the world's largest 3D print made to date, an entire life-sized Chopper:


Jeffrey McGrew