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De Young exhibits over the holidays

Since no one wants to brave the mass crowds at the newly opened (and utterly amazing) California Academy of Sciences, we would like to recommend the de Young. Just across the street, the de Young has a viewing tower where one can delight in the Academy of Sciences building at a civilized distance from the teeming masses, and take in some truly fine exhibits at the museum while your at it. Currently the de Young is having a show on Maya Lin, best known for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The exhibit is wonderful with giant CNC cut topo map- sculptures and smaller laser cut Canyon-like topo sculptures that defy gravity in their placement.

She also has a series of wire topo maps that engulf the entire room, so you get to walk within them! now that's fun. IMG_5419

The de Young also has a retrospective on Yves Saint Laurent that is very fun to see.

And some wonderfully powerful sculptures of cathedrals made of guns and bullets in their exhibit titled In the Name of God: War, Religion, and the Reliquaries of Al Farrow IMG_5421

Check out all the exhibits they are having here, and spend some time in the sculpture garden too. Don't worry. The academy of Sciences isn't going anywhere. We want to get in there soon too.... but good things come to those who wait.

And maybe if everyone reads this and goes to the de Young, we can get into the Science Academy! ; )

Jillian Northrup