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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

October Eat Food Talk Shop - Second Thursday of the month!

Hey all! It's time for another EAT FOOD TALK SHOP tonight. 2nd Thursday of the month. It's still at our shop, but will be hopping around town in no time.

It's kinda like a Dorkbot / Meetup / Maker Day / Pepakura but with BBQ & beer and a little more fabrication-focused.

Bring something to share and something to show off (or at least the desire to talk to other fabricators). Bring your friends too! This time we'll be carving pumpkins. So bring a gourd of your choice and carve away! We'll be making hot dogs - so bring something to add to the mix...

Goes from 6:30 PM to 9PM at The Because We Can headquarters.

There's parking, a new grill (yay!), and old grill, a big fridge, a big robot, and plenty of room. We don't have a video projector or forklift (yet) so if you need one to show off what you brought then you'll need to bring your own. We hope you can make it!

Watch out for the giant fire snail that showed up last time!


Jeffrey McGrew