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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Movin' on up, to the sky... (or do you know a good building in Oakland?)

While our cute little barn we begin our business in is dear to our hearts, it's been too small for us for a while now. We've seriously outgrown it, and are looking to move! We're looking for:

  • More than 750 sq. ft. at a minimum, with 1000+ being preferable.
  • Would love a work-work commercial space, but a live/work could do if it's big enough and setup right.
  • Decent power. Nothing huge, mind you, but Frank and the dust collector aren't lightweights either.
  • Ground floor is preferable, but big freight elevators could work.
  • Something that can actually have a shop. We make stuff. Including noise and dust. While we keep it under tight wraps, we're not office building material.
  • Close to BART.
  • Some sort of parking.
  • Not too scary. And, for reference, we're currently in the lower bottoms of west Oakland, so scary is relative.

What we can offer as savvy talented design-builders:

  • Any build-out we'll need to do will be fully to code, with permits, drawings, etc. It's what we do, after all.
  • And heck, if you want to add or change more of the building we can help out with that too.
  • A multi-year lease, in the range of two-to-three years, for around $1 a square foot if possible, but we could go higher for the right spot.

So while we're asking friends, looking for rental signs, and hitting refresh on Craig's list every five minutes, we'd love to hear from y'all if you know of space out there that would be a good home for us. Thanks a ton!

Jeffrey McGrew