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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

TreeHugger and Because We Can team up for a Fun contest and Prizes!

The Green Livin' blog TreeHugger is promoting a really cool campaign of 'downloadable design', and we're honored to be included! TreeHugger approached several small-time designers working in flat-pack and sustainable furniture design. They asked us all to scale down one of our designs to little cute 1/6 scale versions that could be downloaded as a PDF, printed out, and then cut out of paper. Here's our Squirrel Table:

Paper Table

Cute huh? The big idea here is that in the future, you'll be able to just buy a design like you do a music track on the iTunes music store, and then either fabricate it at home or visit your friendly local CNC production shop and have it made. No shipping, close to home, local economies, local materials, custom-made stuff that fits needs better (and is less likely to be landfill-bound). A very Green way to deliver on custom design and to empower folks to have more interesting and engaging surroundings. Two things we're 100% behind!

Paper Table

There is a new company, Ponoko, that is already working to set up a network of CNC shops, Designers, Material Suppliers, and Customers to deliver on this idea. Exciting times, and right in line with some of what we're working hard on here at Because We Can!

Snip Snip!

We're so into this idea that we're partnering up with TreeHugger and running a contest where anyone can submit their design, which will be reviewed by a panel of judges, and the winning one we'll turn into a ready-to-cut file and fabricate for the lucky winner! Submit your designs here, we can't wait to see what folks come up with!

Not much of a designer? Then we've got another mini-contest for you! Download our mini table, cut it out, and then photograph it on your desk, or home, on your cat's head, or whatever other cool place you can think of. If you e-mail or send us the best photo by the end of October, we'll ship you a real life full-size Squirrel Table of your choosing! Get snipping!

Get Snipping!

Jeffrey McGrew