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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Two new products for the Maker Faire 2007!

So were here 'livebloggin' from the Maker Faire 2007! Wow is it great. Lots of incredible things to see and do. If your anywhere near the Bay Area you really, really should come on down!

This year we've got a ton of stuff we're showing off that we've made, but by far the most cool are these interactive LED tables:

Wave Table   Ripple Table

We teamed up with our friends over at the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratory to make these tables; we did the furniture, they did the circuts, and we collaborated on the overall design. We love working with other folks to make great things!

They are available on our store too, and are modular, so they could be larger, different shapes, different colors, conference tables, dining tables, and more, so expect more of this really soon!

Jeffrey McGrew