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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Latest additions to the ThreeRings space

We just finished a bunch of big items for the space we are working on for Three Rings Design. This project is getting very close to being complete, and becoming more wonderfully fantastical every step of the way. First on the list, we designed them a bar.

Again, we took inspiration from HG Wells, 20000 Leagues Under The Sea, images of The Nautilus from drawings and from Disney. Here is where we arrived at:

Nautilus bar


The giant "gears" that go on the top were made out of thin pieces of plywood, stacked on top of each other to make a hollow "box". The outsides were then sanded and smoothed and painted with metallic gold paint.
bar gears

The top of the bar is an inlay done with solid core apple-ply.
Inlay is a wonderful thing to do with the CNC router- as you can tell the machine to cut "positives" and "negatives". The pieces then go together like a puzzle. Here is the bar top just after it was has been cut:



The top was then stained with our water based, non_VOC stain, and the inlay pieces put into place...




bar inlay

The case work of the bar was also made of apple-ply. Here is the bar in it's entirety, with decorative fronts on the doors ....

three rings bar


and lights hidden within the "gears" that shine down onto the bar.

three rings bar

One special, custom thing about this bar, is that it was designed around a Kegerator that Three Rings already owned. Her you can see it from the bar. The bar is really just an inflated decorative piece to display the bar.... what every office needs!

threerings bar

Oh! and I almost forgot to mention, the whole thing is on wheels, so it can move up and down the space...... as needed.

three rings

Next...... Bookcases.

You may have noticed those cool bookcases behind the bar. Well, we made two sets.

The first set sits behind the bar (as you have seen) and is themed with bottles of rum and Grog floating amongst the waves. The perfect theme for a bookcase that holds all your booze....

three rings bookcases

The other set of bookcases is a little more special.

For it has a whole ship on the top!

secret door

Oh yeah.... and it opens like a door into a secret room.

three rings secret door

three rings secret door

That was very fun to make.

Finally.... The Chandelier



The Chandelier was specifically designed for this pool table, and also to look really cool.

Again, this piece was made of apple-ply and stained with our water based, non_VOC stain.


A few more things to go in this space before it is done.

The wall map behind the pool table is getting a fancy frame, a few other wall pieces and light treatments will be done. And We are making an area of the office (ship) that is being attacked by giant tentacles. Below, the first one goes in at 19' long.


Here our seamstress, Joy Johnston ( poses with one of the small tentacles, coming in at 12ft long. Awe....isn't it cute!


This room will be the game room, where employees lounge on the giant tentacles while playing Guitar Hero. What's that? Google doesn't have one of these rooms? Oh well!

Jillian Northrup