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Goings on at the Because We Cannery

Custom engine polishing on aluminum

Woo, been so busy that January and February just disappeared! Jillian just posted about where the months went. For those of you out there that just read my blog, you should aim your RSS readers over to here instead so you get all the bloggy goodness.

So now that our huge deadline for Three Rings has passed, I'm able to get back to some of the smaller projects we've had in the wings. One of them was to try to see if we could teach the robot to do custom ground finishes on aluminum, something typically called an 'engine polish'. Check it out!
Engine Polishing on Aluminum!
No, the robot hasn't turned evil. Yet. That devil is a test for some cutting work we might be doing for a friend. Here's a close up.
Grid Enine Polishing
So this was just doing a typical grid pattern. Next we're going to try doing some more random, some truly random, and some swirly patterns as well...
Jeffrey McGrew